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Congratulations, you have found what you are looking for. This is the site for real witchcraft, it is a site you can  believe  in. Here you will find  genuine magic  spells that really work, and links to powerful spell books. This is a genuine website, and not only was it written by someone who understands witchcraft, and has been studying magic spells for decades, it was also created with the help of Alerana, who is a  powerful  witch and has had several popular books published.

So you know that  you can trust  this site. And you know that all the magic spells are  good magic.  And you know that all the magic spells that are recommended on this site  will work  for you.

If you look at the index on the left you will find links to pages about particular types of spell, most of these pages contain one or two good spells that you know  will work.   And all the spell pages contain a link to Alerana's PERSONAL spell book, containing ten of the  most powerful  spells on that subject.

As a bonus, you will also find a page on psychic powers. This page gives you three of the most important facts about psychic powers. It also dispels one of the biggest myths about psychic ability. At last, information on psychic powers that  you can trust  and helpful advice on how to develop your own powers.

So as you can see for yourself, this really is the site that you have been looking for, a site you can  believe  in. Bookmark it now, then take a look at the menu to the left. You will find the stuff that you want if you follow that menu.

And as a second bonus, take a look at the final link. That is not a link to a spell that makes you rich, that is a link to a page that tells you how to make money selling spells. You don't need to know anything about magic, you don't have to take orders and send stuff out, you don't even have to hold any stock. All that is done for you. You will make a lot of money if you follow those instructions, so take a look at them now.